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Gossip Girl Under The Chuppah

The ceremony was equipped with a rabbi (and an Episcopal priest), a chupah and a recitation of the phrase Hebrew Ani ldodi, vdodi them, or I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine. During a recent episode, Park Avenue matron Eleanor Waldorf (Margaret Colin) married her boyfriend man d Affairs jew, Cyru Rose (Wallace Shawn). The CWS Gossip Girl hit series, which centers a group of New York City preparatory students and their families money, is becoming an infusion of Yiddishkeit in his blue-blooded veins.
15.12.08 16:53

Serena Williams Fit For Sydney Campaign Despite Hamstring Injury

Medibank International organizers remain ultra-confident Serena William will be able to play in Sydney, despite the world No.2 withdrawal from the Hopman Cup with a hamstring injury.
15.12.08 16:53

Akon Freedom

Akon has grown with each new album release, and its sound has evolved to the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of its supporters, freedom will no doubt be remembered as the turning point in Akon career, which is evolving from a hip artist hop to a real spectacle. Freedom does not contain the harsh or explicit lyrics found in I Still Kill or infamousI Want To You But the album is full of sounds familiar to Put The Blame On Me , which was fueled lyrically rather than on top of production.
15.12.08 16:52

Madonna The Kabbalah Foretold Obama Presidency Sarah Palin Candidacy

We reported last month that suggested that Madonna Barack Obama could be helped by the wisdom of Kabbalah in making difficult decisions during his presidency, particularly as regards the search for world peace and unifying the nation, according to reports confirmed. Madonna Now that has allegedly Obama presidency was announced by the mystical writings of Kabbalah..
15.12.08 16:52

Katie Holmes Seasonably Stylish In Soho

The Mad Money Mom looked uber-cute as he passed the paparazzi, sporting a white sweater with a matching knitted cap team with a pair of brown leather pants and brown apartments.. With his usual Friday afternoon business trip, Katie Holme was found outside his apartment Soho before today, headed for Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre.
15.12.08 16:52


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